Reefton Distilling Co.

Reefton Distilling Co. produces a range of small batch distilled premium spirits with a distinct West Coast Flavour. Little Biddy Gin, Flavour Gallery Gin, Wild Rain Vodka and Moonlight Creek Whisky are all names gaining international recognition. This year they also became the first New Zealand distillery to sell bulk single malt whisky to the Scots!

With it’s plentiful supply of rainfall and spring water from pristine sources, and lush rainforests full of botanical ingredients, Reefton had everything needed to set up a distillery. Founder Patsy Bass was born in Reefton and returned home in 2017 determined to establish a leading distillery and take the West Coast story to the world. Her husband, Shane Thrower, works in production and sales, and be sure to have a chat with him during the event (he’s signed up for the 25km!).

The team will be serving Little Biddy G&Ts at the event bar and look forward to sharing their spirit of the West Coast with you.