Rocky Point Run

Tauranga Bay to Carters Beach | Sunday October 22nd

Please read and note the waiver conditions. All entries are conditional upon the waiver conditions being accepted.
Registration closes 8pm Thursday- 19th Oct-2023 and no late entries will be possible after that time.
Withdrawals, cancellations and refunds will be possible (via the EventPlus site) right up to the race start times.
Full refunds will be provided until 30-Sep-2023, after that date 80% will be refundable until 13-Oct. From 13-Oct, 50% of any payments made will be refunded.

Race Course and Gear
The 5km course begins in Westport and ends at Carters Beach. The prizegiving will be held at Carters Beach. 5km participants will need to arrange their own transport back into Westport.
The 12.5km course is the Kawatiri Coastal Trail. Most people will be comfortable running or walking this in road shoes and carrying their essential gear in either a waist pack or small backpack.
The 25km course does have the potential to be slippery and muddy (on a wet day) on the Millennium Track section so trail shoes may be more appropriate for this event.
All competitors in the running events should be capable of completing a 5k distance in under one hour. 12.5km walkers should be capable of completing a 5k distance in 90 minutes or less. Any slower than these times will put pressure on you to complete the distance inside the allowed cut off time.

Race Packs
Race Packs may be collected from Trail HQ 175 Palmerston Street, Westport 7825t from 10am to 6pm Saturday 21 Oct.
All competitors are required to pick up their race packs prior to the compulsory race briefing at 8:00am, Sunday 22nd October at the Carters Beach Hall.
If you are unable to pick your race pack up on the Saturday, please contact race organisers to make alternative arrangements

Drop Bags
All competitors will be given a numbered drop-bag as part of their race pack. Please take this with you to the start-line and before the race starts, place any gear you have inside the drop-bag, secure it by tying the drawstrings and place it in the drop-bag trailer (located near the start line). These will be transported back to the finish line – and will be waiting for you as you exit the finish chute.
Please don’t put food, liquids, valuable or fragile items into the drop-bags – a spill or knock might ruin your day (or someone else’s!) and we cannot accept any responsibility for lost or damaged items.

Compulsory Equipment
There is no compulsory equipment list for any of our events – other than an official race number.
We encourage all competitors to consider likely weather conditions and to dress and, if necessary, carry appropriate clothing.

Aid stations are, at most, 6km apart and water and paper cups will be available at these points.

First responders, Tail-end Charlie and marshals will be scattered across the course and are no more than 3km from any point on the course.

Race Briefing
12.5km and 25km run/walk
The race briefing will be held at 8am sharp, Sunday 22 Oct at the -Carters Beach Hall, Marine Parade Carters Beach Attendance is compulsory for all competitors Attendees will be marked off and those that do not attend will be disqualified.
5km run/walk
The race briefing will be held at 8.25am, Sunday 22 Oct the Buller Bridge car park area.

Transport to Start Line (12.5 &25km)
Immediately after the race briefing, competitors will be directed to buses that will depart from outside of the Carters Beach Hall at 8:30am to transport them to Tauranga Bay.
Your race number must be visible as you approach the bus – as we need to track who is on each bus (and that you actually made it to the start line!)
Marshals will direct competitors to the relevant holding areas for each of the three events: 25km Run, 12.5km Run and 12.5km Walk.

Race Start
The starts will be staggered, with 25km runners first, 12.5km runners next, followed by 12.5km walkers. The scheduled start time is 9:00am. All start and finish times will be recorded as runners move over the timing mats.

Cut Off Times
The cut-off times for all events is 1:00pm. Any competitors still on course after that time will not receive a finishing time and all remaining race marshals and safety personnel will be withdrawn from the course at that time.
Participants in the 25km event will have until 10.45am to reach the halfway mark at Carters Beach. 25km runners and walkers that don’t meet this halfway cut-off time will finish their run/walk at Carters Beach, be transferred to the 12.5km category and awarded a 12.5km finish.
For safety reasons, if you are on the course after 1:00pm, you may be stopped by a race marshal, and asked to wait with them until transport back to the finish line is available.

Course Description
While generally “flat” there are two climbs up out of the Seal Colony car park. The first (1km into the run) is around 800m long with 43m elevation, followed (quite quickly) by a short 100m section with 10m elevation gain.
The trail itself is a well-groomed cycle trail – mostly 2+ metres wide. For the 25kmm run the Millennium Track at the Buller Bridge is mostly narrow, compacted sand with the odd tree-root here and there. As the Millennium Track circuit is less than 2km, it would be advisable to make yourself familiar with it before race day.
The 12.5km and 25km events will start at the Tauranga Bay domain on the Kawatiri Coastal Trail (KCT).
Leaving the domain, competitors will follow the KCT north to the Tauranga Bay Seal Colony carpark.
Marshalls will direct you onto the next section through to Lighthouse Road.
From there, you will follow the KCT through to the Omau Domain, across SH 67 to the old Holcim haul road.
At the bottom of the Holcim Hill, you will cross SH67 again, back onto the KCT and through to the Carters Beach Domain 12.5km Runners and Walkers will finish.
25km Runners continue on the KCT, crossing Golf Links Road and Schadick Avenue.
At the end of the KCT, run across the Buller Bridge (on the barriered walkway), turn left at the end of the bridge and follow the trail down into the Buller Bridge carpark.
Follow the flags to the start of the Millennium Track (to the north of the bridge) then run on the outer track alongside the Buller River.
Marshalls will direct you onto the “inland” Millennium Track, which you will then follow back to the Buller Bridge retracing your steps back out to the Carters Beach Domain where the finish line is.
The 5km event will start at the Buller Bridge car park in Westport. Runners and walkers will cross the bridge then connect with the Kawatiri Coastal Trail where they will follow the trail until they reach the Carters Beach Reserve and their finish line.

Marshals and Race Referees
These are volunteers and will be wearing high-vis vests. There will always be two at any point we’ve identified that competitors may need assistance or direction.
Please treat these volunteers with respect (they’ve sacrificed their own time to be here and the event is impossible to stage without their support). Follow their directions and if they believe you are in distress, their instruction to you will be either take a break or withdraw from the race.

Road and Bridge Crossings
SH67 will be crossed at the bottom of Holcim Hill (approx. 5.5km into the race). This road will not be closed for the event, however a 30km speed restriction will be in place. Marshals will man the crossing and may request you to stop until the road is clear. Please obey their instructions.
Lighthouse Road, Omau Domain, Golf Links Road and Schadick Avenue crossings
These will also be controlled by marshalss and you may be required to stop at these points until the road is clear.
Bradshaws Creek swingbridge (25km runners only)
This swing bridge is certified for a maximum of 5 people at a time and no running is permitted on it. Marshals will control both approaches (as competitors will cross this twice). They’ll do their best to ensure you’re only stopped on the way to Westport (they’ll give the returning runners “right of way”).

Withdrawing from the Race
If for any reason, you are unable to continue, please either advise a marshal, or advise an official at the finish line. As there are multiple points to exit the course, not knowing who has withdrawn can cause a headache for both our timing and safety systems.

Medical Assistance
Medical assistance will be available at the finish line and many of ourmarshals will also be qualified first responders and first-aid qualified.
If you feel unwell at any point, please let a marshal know and they can either administer aid or call for more experienced support.
If you find yourself alone and too far from the last or next marshal, find yourself somewhere to sit, use your emergency gear and alert the next runner that you need assistance.
“Tail End Charlies” will also follow the last runner/walker . They will also be first responders and carry a comprehensive first aid kit.
If you find someone in distress or injured on the course please stay with them. Do not attempt to race forward, or back, looking for assistance. Wait for the next runner, or tail-end charlie to arrive and then look to raise the alarm. If you have a cellphone and reception, call 111 if you judge the distress or injury to be serious.

Race Etiquette
While the KCT will be sign-posted as “closed” for the day, there is a chance cyclists or other trail users may ignore the signs and access the trail. Be aware that you may encounter on-coming cyclists and be prepared to either stop or move off the trail.
While running, we urge all competitors to “stay left” on the trail. If you encounter a slower runner and wish to pass, check the way ahead is clear then call “passing” before over-taking.
Competitors are advised that no earphones or external speakers are allowed to be worn, there are a number of points where marshals may need to issue instructions and it is vital that you are able to hear these – or any calls from other runners.
If you sense another competitor is in distress or in need of assistance, please take the time to ask how they are feeling. If you’re not convinced they’re OK, stick with them or note their number and advise the next marshal of your concerns.
We are privileged to run on this beautiful track. Please help keep it pristine by policing your own rubbish and picking up any you encounter. There will be a skip at the finishing area for waste disposal.
If you’re “caught short” during the race, please get yourself well away from the track and show some consideration for other runners and neighbouring property owners. Port-A-Loos will be available at the start line and there are toilets at the Carters Beach domain. There will also be a Port-A-Loo stationed at the Buller Bridge car park for the 25km run.

Water in paper cups will be available at:
• The Omau Domain (approx. 5km)
• The old Holcim carpark. (approx 9km)
• Carters Beach Finish Line (approx. 12.5km)
• Buller Bridge Car Park (approx. 15km and 17km)
Note: This will be water only – if you need electrolytes, we advise you to carry either tablets or powder with you.

Car parking at Carters Beach
Parking is available at the south end of the Carters Beach Hall. Please follow directions from the carpark staff and be mindful when exiting the car park of approaching runners.

Medals, Results, Prize Giving, Tracking, Spot Prizes, Certificates, Photos and Results
All event finishers will receive a finisher’s medal as they cross the finish line.
The timing system we use (OneTime) will be uploading live results, with a downloadable and printable certificate available online (details will be emailed out during race week).
There will be an additional 5 timing mats placed around the entire 25km course that will record your progress that your supporters can follow on a live tracking app (details will be emailed out during race week).
Performance prizes
A short (we promise!) Prize giving ceremony will take place inside the Carters Beach Hall at 2:00pm.
12.5km and 25km performance prizes will be given to the overall male and female winners of each event, and first (male and female) finishers of each age group category.
5km – Performance prizes will be awarded to the first overall male and female but there will be no age group category prizes.
Spot Prizes
Spot prizes will be awarded at the prize giving at 2pm. You must be present at the draw and have your race number with you to receive a spot prize.
Will be stationed throughout the course to capture you at your best. Photos will be tagged and uploaded to our results website and will be available free of charge. As uploading of images is labour intensive, not all images will be available on the day – but we’ll endeavour to have the entire portfolio uploaded within 48 hours.